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Tell you all my secrets

but I lie about my past

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Ghost Light
18 July 1970
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From Symian:
ghost_light, Consistent, regular, but not decaffeinated.

And now, a haiku from userinfosionainn:

Stage manager-fu
FIVE MINUTES to house open!
ghost_light rocks my world.

Best Cancer Horoscope Ever: While there's something to be said for devoting your life to your job, you're beginning to suspect it mostly involves swearing.

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acting, adventure time, akira kurosawa, alan ayckbourn, alaska, alton brown, american horror story, androids, annie wright, archer, asian horror, athol fugard, babo, bacon, battle royale, beer, black adder, blade runner, bob's burgers, boggans, boom chicago, bordertown, brainiac: science abuse, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, cats, children's literature, childrens theater, chopped, crooked toad tavern, cyanide and happiness, diet coke, directing, discworld, don nigro, dramaturgy, dystopian future, elfquest, evil dead the musical, fairy tales, fame, firefly, food network, food wars, friends, halloween, horror, hp lovecraft, hufflepuff, hyperbole and a half, improv, iron chef, james bond, james christensen, jim henson, jimmy buffett, jonathan lethem, joss whedon, july 18, junior roller derby, koji suzuki, letterkenny, little lebowski urban achievers, live theater, livejournal, luigi pirandello, midnight diner, myofascial pain syndrome, myth busters, mythology, neil degrasse tyson, nick cave, nochnoy dozor, oglaf, philip k. dick, pinky & the brain, plays, princess bride, psycho, rage city rollergirls, red dwarf, richard cheese, richard hunt, roller derby, roller derby referees, s. morgenstern, samter's triad, schadenfreude, scoliosis, scooter, sean connery, seattle, shakespeare, shel silverstein, siegfried sassoon, sketch comedy, south africa, stage managing, stephen sondheim, sushi, sweeney todd, t-shirts, tacoma, technical theatre, tenacious d, tequila, terry pratchett, the big lebowski, the magicians, the muppets, the princess bride, the sims, the twilight zone, theatre, they might be giants, tom waits, top chef, trailer park boys, travel, urban legends, vivavoom brr-lesque, volkswagen beetles, wallace & gromit, we bare bears, welcome to night vale, wilfred owen, willamette university, wishing, xxxenophile, youth theater, zombies



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