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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday tacowerewolf!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday bluesilverkdg!

Red Carpet Babo

Achievement unlocked!

Happy Birthday!

News of the Back

I had another appointment with Dr. Buddy this week. Not lifting has...helped? I would say things are better but not improved.

He no sooner got me up on the table to check my hips than the frowns started.

Dr. Buddy: ghost_light, your left hip is really out of whack? Do you have a short leg?

ghost_light: Ya know, I swear we've talked about this, so...no? Or if I do it was so minor it either didn't matter or you just decided to treat it with stretches?

Dr. Buddy: No...that doesn't sound like me. I would treat it.

ghost_light: So...x-rays?

Dr. Buddy:X-rays!

7 x-rays later we have...results? A radiologist is looking at them more carefully but Dr. Buddy was able to see my hips are just 1 millimeter off height-wise, which doesn't merit treatment, but my sacrum is twisted and has pulled me 9 millimeters off. Probably it's from my scoliosis? My lower curve still measures at about 17 degrees, which is mild, but everything just looks twisted and ugly to me except one vertebrae sitting there being all perfect like it thinks it is Amy Santiago. I'm curious what the radiologist will say.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday hexenhasel!

Good Morning

Good Night

Tasty Tuesday!

Shamelessly stolen from Facebook:

If you were no longer a person, but instead were a basket of four secret ingredients on Chopped, what would you be?

Me? Diet Coke, buffalo sauce, shrimp and tequila

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday gonzo21!

Today Is International Fairy Day!

1. What was the highlight of your weekend?

2. Were you ever in a school play?

3. Did you ever attend a sleep-away camp?


First (awesome) day of Jr. Conservatory down!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday pamelonian!


Awesome weekend!


Headed out! Back tomorrow

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday raven89!

Today Is Global Orgasm Day!

1. What are your weekend plans?

2. When was the last time you used public transportation?

3. Do you enjoy riding roller coasters?

Friday Funny

Poor Babo

Babo did not win free movie tickets, so he has had to resort to chorin' to earn the money to see The UglyDolls Movie.


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