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Summertime Babo

Babo is finding ways to beat this Alaska heat!

Happy Birthday!

Ghost_Light Smash!


I made the mistake of telling one of my co-workers at the Aurora how much I despise Seasons of Love and he's been singing it at me non-stop...but he doesn't know any of the words so he's making up shit like "2 billion 75 thousand 600 million ways to get on ghost_light's last nerve!"

Today Is National Financial Awareness Day!

1. What language would you most like to learn?

2. What are your plans tonight?


Today Is National Prosecco Day!

1. How do you like your steak?

2. Have you ever eaten frog legs?

3. When was the last time you had a nap?

Happy Birthday!

Today Is Truck Driver Day!

1. How was your weekend?

2. Would you rather have fries or a baked potato?

3. Have you ever fed an elephant?

Good Morning


ghost_light recommends:

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

My boss at Dramaworld was telling me about this children's book and it popped as a "best plays for kids" on a publishing site not long after.

I have never experienced anything like this show. I cannot stop crying when I think about it and I can't stop thinking about it.

Edward Tulane is a toy rabbit made of china. He is very fine and very vain. And he doesn't love the little girl who owns him. He's lost overboard on a sea voyage and spends almost a year at the bottom of the sea.

He has a lot of time to think about his girl and the life he has had. Edward is rescued by a fisherman who brings him home to his wife. They lost their child to pneumonia and the wife names Edward "Susanna". She sews dresses for Edward and they bring down the baby's highchair so he can sit with them and Edward starts to understand he loves them.

Then the couple's adult daughter comes home. She finds the whole thing grotesque and she takes Edward to the dump. He's there for a long time, thinking about his girl, and the fisherman and his wife, and the life he has had.

The next part is my favorite, so I won't spoil it. I just urge you to find this book or the stage play.

Neighbor Lady


We had a belated birthday party in the backyard last night. Neighbor Lady stopped by several times and was duly adored and petted.

There was, for some reason, a good deal of speculation about whether or not Neighbor Lady is a skilled hunter.

This morning she trotted through the yard carrying a parakeet.

I'm calling her Our Little Murder Hobo.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday theapink!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday cairtirnin!

Friday Funny

This look me way too long to get...

Good Night

Thursday Theatre Thoughts

I am going to embrace the fact I"ll never catch up on my tiny reviews of what shows I've read so far this year. I have decided I'll post about one that I loved:

Space Girl
Arugula Suarez just wants to fit in. But it's not easy when you're a sixteen-year-old alien from the planet Zlagdor. Stuck in a world where the only things that make sense are roller derby and salad, Arugula and her father, Nancy, must find out what it means to be human before time runs out for Planet Earth.

Just from the synopsis, I'm sure most of you will know exactly why it is up my alley. I was honestly expecting a subpar experience, but this is a very honest, heartfelt script. Arugula doesn't fit in because she is from a war-driven planet. When she finally makes a friend, the girl is an outcast at school, like Arugala. She teaches Arugula about books and reading.

Nancy, her dad, is an anthropologist and wildly enamored of all things Earthlings do...until he is arrested and begins to see the uglier side of humanity.

It's a beautiful, tragic tale that just won't leave my thoughts.


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