Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Not bad for a Monday

I just finished the final accounting for a grant, a project that had me in screaming fits last week that was easy like pie today.

The tech on Hullabaloo is getting smoother.

I graduated from physical therapy today! Now I don't have to come in weekly or bi-weekly, just as I feel I need new exercises or to be evaluated. I set one more appointment before Conservatory starts just in case.

I learned how to make rosemary cream sauce last night! It was so ridiculously easy this just might be my new party dish. Mark talked about coming right home after Ren Fair to watch movies etc. I was dropped off at home at 6:30 instead of at the Fair grounds so I decided to stay and get things ready for a nice dinner instead of calling a cab and rushing out for a couple of hours. Mark ended up staying for 5 hours so I had a very nice dinner alone (he did call to tell me he was staying, and periodically to tell me how good the party was)Salad and pre-cooked pasta in sauce plus cookies and ice cream I didn't even get into yet...should leave some tasty stuff for tech week leftovers and hopefully Mark and I can have a nice dinner on the 18th which should be my next night off!

1. What color socks are you wearing?

2. What chore did you get done this weekend?

3. Are you celebrating anything special this month, like an anniversary or someone coming to visit?
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