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Oh lord, was this one crazy day. It was so crazy I didn't even get a chance to LOOK at journals let alone post questions.

Tonight we had Hullabaloo rehearsal early so I was going to head to Ren Fair rehearsal. Yesterday morning I had to drop out of the Pirate Show because of rehearsals for Hullabaloo scheduled Saturday and Sunday. Last night we canceled Saturday because of a conflict in the space so I was going to be able to be at Fair all day that day. Today we rescheduled the rehearsal in a new local. I was going to go to rehearsal anyway since I can be there next Saturday, but my darling hubby suggesting it might be distracting and pointless for me to show up, so I indulged in some retail therapy instead. I restocked on makeup since I had no lipstick anymore, am the proud owner of too many pairs of cute/sexy undies and I bought some things for the bathroom since I've been hoping to redecorate/re-color-scheme in there.

Since I'm too pooped to pop and I want to get some stuff done before Mark comes home I present guest questions from userinfogeolinguist

1. You're stuck in the office, doing paperwork. It's absolutely gorgeous
outside. You have four hours until quitting time. What do you do?
2. What food did you hate as a child that you now like as an adult?
3. What is the most essential item to take on a camping trip?
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