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I really love having weekends. And the best part is that this one will last until tomorrow!

Slept in yesterday, for the first time in months. Spent most of the day just goofing off and then went to the Fly By Night Club to see Jimmy and Jodi with Mark, Krista, userinfogeolinguist, userinfoscooterpbakes
and userinfokahteeyah. Krista's car won the Dirtiest Car in the Lot prize, which came with a great deal of taunting from the club. Or, rather, they tried but were unprepared for her answers; "What do you do for a living? I'm a lawyer and I'm suing you for emotional distress. What office do you work for? I don't, I work for the State. What do you do there? Workman's Comp." It was a thing of beauty.

We went to Swag's part after that, where we learned Carrie and Matt own the cutest kitten to walk the Earth (Don't worry, Murray, you're a cat now) and that no matter how cool he tries to play it, if you give userinfokornopolous
enough beer he turns back into a Star Wars fan.

We have Toad rehearsal tonight. I'm making corn puddin' and Mark is making beans for the BBQ after. We have another BBQ tomorrow night at Mom's. Hopefully I'll find out my damn schedule for the Hullabaloo soon so I can tell them if I will be there or not.

That's about the news here. Other than my back is bugging me again, but I refuse to let it get bad this time.
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