Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Done it is

Mark and I went to see Sith tonight. (Sorry, userinfokornopolous, date night.) I'm glad to have finished the journey. I see now why they cast Anakin as they did - he looked a great deal like Luke in some of those scenes. I was glad to see that Lucas gave us a few treats - the wookie fight I've been waiting for since Revenge of the Jedi, the Senator's ship...small continuity things that made me very happy.

Of course, there were things to heckle too....

(Sample dialoge)

Mark: They're only sending 3 guys after him
userinfoghost_light: 3 Jedis.
Mark: True. (pause) 3 Jedi Masters.
userinfoghost_light: Yeah.
Mark: Still. They should have sent everybody.
In unison: EVERYbody!!
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