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I spent far too much time tormenting a co-worker yesterday at the Rotary event. While he was fighting with a wireless mic, I kept whispering things like "Hey Mike, what's the difference between God and a Sound Guy? God doesn't think he's a Sound Guy."

The event itself went pretty well. Or as well as can be expected when you get an event like that. 9:00 we had a good indication of how it was going to play out - the person hired to sing the National Anthem of Canada didn't show up so we went to plan B. "Everyone, please turn to page 16 in your handouts and join with us in singing...." I could not help but laugh. The only really bad thing was that they only had 15 min to turn around from lunch to the next speaker and it takes at least half an hour to change all the linen. They had to cut some events from the afternoon to make up time. We're looking at the same schedule crunch today, so I think we're all just going to have to dive in and collect napkins regardless of the dirty looks and comments from the hotel staff. They really hate it when you try to help.

Last night Mark, userinfokahteeyah, userinfoscooterpbakes
and I went to see Drawer Boy. That is one amazing script. The performances were great and the set was just amazing. I don't think I have ever seen such devotion given to transforming Cyrano's completely. It really got me thinking about shows I want to do there one day.

The night before Mark and I did a Beartooth double-feature - A Very Long Engagement and Constantine (Luckily in that order) My ride should be here any second, so I'll wait and say more about those later if the spirit moves me.
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