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I sort of woke up feeling like today would be a good day for random stuff. The fund raisers are pretty set to go (I hope!) so I'm taking part of the day off. I was lazily thinking about posting some old stuff, making some links and then I came across words that cemented just how random today is going to be....

Bush wants U.S. moon base

Wants. Just the phrasing. It's like we have a little boy who needs a new toy in office. Wants. Next we're going to get a headline that he wants to be the first president on a space shuttle.

Wants. Shesh. I was going to make fudge for the fund raiser tomorrow, but they were out of the right kind of chocolate at my dirt Carrs, so I got brownie mixes instead. It won't be quite as much fun as some of the dreams I was having - fudge with pistachios, fudge with little white chocolate chips - but it will be my little secret.

I posted this in the Twilight Zone group a while ago, but I just had an urge to see how it did here too. I spent most of New Year's Eve and Day watching the Twilight Zone marathon, then saw High Fidelity the day after so I was moved to ask "What are your Top 5 Zones"

5. The Purple Testament - I haven't seen this one since the 80's but I still remember the chill of the ending.

4. Shadow Play - I last saw this one live in Seattle by a group called Theater Shmeater. It's not the best writing, but it's a hell of a story.

3. In Praise of Pip - I love the whole speech "Pip is dying. My kid is dying. In a place called South Vietnam, There isn't even supposed to be a war going on there, but my son is dying."

2. Night of the Meek - It makes me cry every time I see it. The last time I was in Seattle it was part of Theater Schmeater's live Zone night.

1. Five Characters in Search of an Exit - a sentimental choice. It is another I have not seen since the 80's, but it was the first Zone I ever saw and it is the one that got me hooked.

Anyone else?

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