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Happy Monday!

The touring portion of the tour is at an end. I will officially park "the Bus" when I finishing loading out the last boxes of shit this afternoon and start looking for a place to stash it all in the warehouse. of course, I also have to make calls about Conservatory, an event on Sunday, update the registration lists, do the banking etc. today so we'll just see how long the ass head and the lights stay in the middle of the floor.

Mark and I rented Napoleon Dynamite and Dawn of the Dead this week. (from Blockbastard, not Netflix, unfortunately, we're still sitting on the Netflix discs in hopes of getting a chance to re-watch Stage Beauty). I have to say that I am in the camp that didn't really care for Napoleon Dynamite. I laughed out loud in a few places, and I admire how well portions were done, but I just felt kind of creepy peering through the window into those lives. Dawn of the Dead, did I miss that in theatres?!? We just had a ball.

Part of it might have been that we were so tired. We got back from Talkeetna, took a little nap, did the loadout, went to Toad rehearsal (where I was told to yell my verse, not sing it. ow), made a run to the store for ingredients for bernaise sauce to put on the fish and steak, forgot to thaw the steak, had to make a second run for wine for the sauce, made the sauce, had the sauce break, resurrect and break again without getting any less tasty and then sat down for the movie.

I love that director. I love that DP. It was an amazing film visually. I get the appeal of the zombie movies.

I might even be interested in that roll-playing game with archetypes like "Cheerleader - you went slayer after your grandma ate your prom date".

Tonight - 13 months of memories about the tour, but now there is work to be done.

Questions in the next post so you're not all obligated to read to the end of this one ;)
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