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Tales of a Boring Bachelorette

LonelyDumptruck has been in my hometown for a week visiting my folks, hanging with the Pack of weiner dogs, shopping, seeing burlesque.  Oh, and doing training for work.  That was the real reason for the trip.


Sunday afternoon I dropped him off at the airport and then headed over to the real estate to work on the mailout until my eyes started to bleed.  I picked up Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark from Redbox and heated up some soup for dinner.


I ended up re-watching the mid-season finale and then the new episode of Walking Dead.  I should have waited for LonelyDumptruck, but I couldn't bear waiting another week to see what was going to happen.   LonelyDumptruck called several times.  He was having trouble opening the file with his resume/application for a new position so I had to resend it in various formats.


Years ago I read the original novel of The Planet of the Apes and I loved it.  I haven't seen all the sequels from the 70's but, I admit, I want to see them.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes was alright.  I liked it right up until the moment

the guy told Caesar "Get your stinking hands off me, you damn dirty ape!" and Caesar said "No."  I did like the plague movie ending, though.

I made it through about half of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark before pooping out.


Monday night I went over to userinfoGeolinguist's sister's house to pet the kitties and meet the chickens.   Lila was a perfect calico lady, but I offended Caddock by calling him the Orson Wells of cats.  In my defence, he looks like a cross between a Main Coon cat and a palomino.


Feeding the chickens was fun.  When I was a little girl and we went to visit Grandma and Uncle H.O.'s family in Iowa, one of my jobs was collecting the eggs, so it was cool to get to do that again.  I wasn't very good at getting the chickens to get off the eggs when I was little and the chickens would peck at me.  Monday I got one egg but I couldn't get the chicken off the other.  She was too polite to peck, though.


After that we had good beers and bruchetta at Midnight Sun.  None of the main courses looked appealing,.so we crossed town to Table Six so userinfoGeolinguist
could have a burger and I could get ravioli. 


I finished Don't Be Afraid of the Dark when I got home.  It was beautifully shot but, ultimately, uninspiring.  I'd read it was based on a TV movie and it still had a real teleplay feel to it.  I could tell where commercials wanted to go.


Tuesday I went over to the real estate office for a little bit, until LonelyDumptruck called and I went home so he could tell me about my Valentines gift.  He'd hidden a bottle of tequila for me and then bought a flask for himself so we could have a drink together before he went to a burlesque show. 


A few shots later I settled in to binge on episodes of The River, a new show Mountain_Hiker recommend to me.


Imagine a television nature show host  beloved like the Crocodile Hunter or Marlon Perkins has gone missing in the Amazon and his wife and estranged son go to look for him with a camera crew and producer who hope to turn the hunt into a new season of his show.  They turn down a fork in the river that isn't supposed to be there and veer off into some serious Lost territory. I am really loving it.  I can see where some of the conventions will wear thin if they don't change them up - the monster of the week and using one character for The Perils of Pauline plots - but so far it is off to a good start.


A dear theater friend is in town visiting for the week and extended an invitation for people to meet him for dinner at an Italian restaurant near the real estate office Wednesday night, so I worked for a bit and then headed over.  Only two other people came, but it was awesome to see him.  We shared mussels and I ordered spaghetti.  Both were thick with cloves of roasted garlic the size of new potatoes.  I'm petty sure LonelyDumptruck could smell me all the way in Tacoma. 


I desperately wanted to watch the new episode of Top Chef, but I forced myself to wait until LonelyDumptruck gets home.  Instead I took a muscle relaxer and watched old episodes of Top Chef Masters until the challenges started to bleed together.


Thursday night was even more low-key.  I skipped the real estate office in favor of getting a few chores done and then house managed a show.  They sprung a Q & A on me, so I got done later than I planned but I still got to talk to LonelyDumptruck and watch some cooking TV.


I didn't know when LonelyDumptruck was coming home, so I signed up to house manage every night this weekend.  CrownWench picked him up at the airport and dropped him off at Beartooth for a brr-lesque hostess' birthday gathering.  I'm hoping to be done in time to join them.

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