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I never quite understand how early summer is the busiest time for the theatre community. You'd think we were used to planning things and running shows since we do it all year long but wow!

I'm working Jerry's memorial next week, so that has involved a flurry of emails every day, plus getting things sorted and organized for Summer Conservatory. Thank god for userinfokornopolous, he's been coming in to stuff and seal envelopes for a week which frees me up to do things like answer the phone and swear at the fax machine. Next week, I am going to roof-test that fax and sell tickets as a fund raiser, I swear.

The tour is almost at an end. The big thing right now is trying to figure out how to get 10 people There and Back Again using a van that seats 2 and a minivan that seats 7.

This week I saw Hitchhikers, like everyone else. I remember pieces of the books, but I am one of those geeks who only read them, heard the radio show and watched the TV series once, so I don't have strong memories of Exactly how the story is supposed to go. I enjoyed the movie. The opening credits alone were worth Mark's $9.50.

We saw Stage Beauty, thanks to Netflix. I think that might be the best film I've seen in a long time. It's really an actors' movie - it even made me want to get up there and act again. I loved some of the little touches, like a million-gillion pop-eyed little King Charles Spaniels running all over the Palace.

Oh yes, one more bit of work-related news;

I am insane.

My boss called me last night with one of those "Jaaaaaanet" voices....
Boss: "What are you doing this summer?"
<userinfoghost_light: Ummm...working for ATY...
Boss: Are you going to be working hard?
userinfoghost_light: (should have said "since you're asking..")
Boss: Because I have 3 people who want to offer you a night-job.

Yep, I have been sucked into the 4th Ave. Tourist show. I'm going to be their sweet little techie from 8-9:45 5 or 6 nights a week all summer long. There's even a rumour I'll be paid by the show. I figure that might help pay off some things and get me some WHAM for New York

That's about the news, the weather looks shitty.
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