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Friday night was social night. We ate the last of my biscuits and gravy and then headed out to a Jenya's birthday party. They had a ton of vodka, as always, and a table of great food including a big tray of sushi. I think I ate my weight in rolls. We got to chat with userinfoGeolinguist, userinfoPoisonDartFrog and MonkofSilence for a while, which is always awesome.

After the party we headed down to The Woodshed for the going-away party of one of my This Is Where We Came In cast members. We were the last people to arrive and actually happened to catch the guest of honor with his coat on making one last stop at the cigarette machine. We talked him into staying for one more and we got to talk for a while, then we headed over to Darwin's to see if any of the regulars were there. They were not, but our favorite waitress was and I got a hug and a really crappy blueberry beer I ended up abandoning.

Saturday morning we got up nice and early to prep the house, then userinfoGeolinguist came over to help us pull up the carpet in the living room. The carpet came up nice and easy, but we discovered eude de cat piss, or perhaps ferret stank, saturating the padding and that made the next layer a lot less fun. Stephanie came by in the afternoon to help pull tack board and molding.

It took most of the day and three runs to the hardware store, but we got a few rows of flooring laid and made a game plan for the next few. CrownWench came over after work for dinner and movies. LonelyDumptruck went to Mr. Prime Beef and bought a little sumo wrestler of a chicken. This 5-pounder had fat deposits under the skin of the breast and little chicken love handles. We didn't have the lemon or some of the other things he used when he made the Epic Baked Chicken last time, but we punted and the sumo chicken was fucking delicious.

We watched Blackthorn and Blithe Spirit. I really liked Blackthorn, but there seemed to be a logic-fail in the story. Has anyone else seen it? Do any of you have an insight on Stephen Rea's character? I've never seen or even read Blithe Spirit before. I didn't quite care for it, but now I'm curious about how some of the ghost effects are done on stage. I'm sure they bulked up the number of them for the film.

Today we got up and I played Sims Social while LonelyDumptruck played Skyrim and we watched a little cooking television before getting back to the flooring. There was a Brr-lesque workshop all afternoon, but I didn't feel up to moving that much. We worked until we were practically cross-eyed, but we got all of the angle cuts and the off sized pieces around the stove done, so we hope to get as far as the next heating vent tomorrow. Got to keep some goals in mind.
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