Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Peaceful Night

I almost checked everything off my to-do list for the day.

We were supposed to rehearse for the Brr-lesque tonight, so I bombed home to get a few chores done first - a couple loads of laundry, quick-clean of the kitchen, hanging up the new drapes in the bedroom and so on - but Lola and Danger Mouse have the crud so they ended up canceling.

When LonelyDumptruck got home he suggested seeing if Rodney wanted to go to Pho Lena (Did he ever!) LonelyDumptruck got sesame chicken and Rodney and I both got the pho curry with pork and peanuts. I shouldn't order it, but it is my favorite.

They did some writing at our place after dinner while I caught up on some work for the real estate agency and fucked around on Sims Social and we wrapped up with evening with Top Chef. I am becoming so fond of last chance kitchen since my favorite chef is there I can't even tell you.
Tags: brr-lesque, food

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