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The 42nd Annual Festival of LonelyDumptruck

Another successful birthday in the books.

We both took Friday off, but LonelyDumptruck had a full morning planned. The bank he works for does a program with a local school where someone goes into read to the first grade class and the bank lets the class keep the book. Coincidentally, the school happens to be the school where LonelyDumptruck's sister Jen works. The bank is too big for that have been planned though, I'm sure.

He had a great time. They gave him a Happy Birthday bracelet and all the kids sang to him. The book was Pirates Don't Change Diapers, but LonelyDumptruck didn't get to read in full pirate garb. It seems the bank actually has a policy against that.

We met up for brunch at Kriner's Diner after that. I made the mistake of asking for a full-order of biscuits and gravy. It was delicious, but we are still working on the leftovers. Seriously.

After lunch LonelyDumptruck went to get his hair cut. I took the opportunity to hide presents around the house.

Have you heard about that website The one that lets you make little movies? Well, they released characters from The Big Lebowski, so I spent the time LonelyDumptruck was reading and getting his hair cut making a little film of The Dude and Donnie performing one of LonelyDumptruck's scripts.

LonelyDumptruck found most of his presents right away and then settled in to play some Skyrim while I fucked around on Sims Social. After a while we decided to brave Costco to get supplies for family dinner. While we driving there, he decided that it would be nice to meet up with friends to celebrate his birthday, so we sent up a quick Bat Signal and arranged meeting at Beartooth for pizza and beer.

Most of Anchorage had the same idea, so we had to wait almost an hour for a table. The pizza was worth it, believe it or not. The current special is a chicken pizza with a mushroom cream sauce and pickles jalapenos. I am going to miss it when the specials change. Rodney, Stepanie, userinfoGeolinguist and CrownWench came out to play, then Rodney and Stephanie came back to the house to watch a few episodes of MXC.

Saturday I got my hair done and we got the house ready to host family dinner. Rodney recommended a German zombie/epidemic movie, Rammbock, so we settled in to watch that until it was time to start cooking. I really liked it.

Dad and Ila were in town for birthday fun, so Jay, his girlfriend and her daughter, Jen and Lori-O came over. The plan was to grill steaks but we'd run out of propane without realizing it, so we cooked them on the stove instead. Like on Thanksgiving, we set off the smoke alarm/security system searing the meat. Dad talked about how good the smoky steaks were for the rest of the weekend. We made mac and cheese for the kid but she didn't like it. She was very polite and said that to everyone but us, though. I think her phrase was "I didn't like it, but it was very nice of them to try."

LonelyDumptruck continued to indulge my penchant for horror movie and we watched Pontypool, another zombie/outbreak film, after everyone went home.

Sunday I called out of Brr-lesque rehearsal in favor of going to see Red Tails with LonelyDumptruck Dad, Ila and Lori-O. After that we had meatloaf at Lori-O's house and then came home for yet another horror movie, the new Call of Cthulu.
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