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It's almost 3 am and neither Mark or I can really get to sleep. He went to bed pretty early too. I stayed up until after midnight surfing around just because I can and now I'm tired and can't fall asleep.

Looks like all the high wind warnings panned out. All that fuss that winds were going to get up to 70 MPH and we should worry about being without power for up to 4 days and it looks calm as a lamb out there. I had a feeling it was all going to turn out to be nothing - there was too much about it on the news and we took the precaution of stocking up on water. Doesn't it always seem like nothing happens if you think to prepare for it?

The winds were brutal, though. Our front door blew open again. Turns out it was actually broken and not my fault. I got some hairy eyeball from Mark since I was the last one out of the house but then was let off the hook when it turned out to be an actual physical problem with the door and not my inability to close it.

On the theatre front - it looks like I will be playing with Scriptless on Saturday. Christina left me a 5 minute plus message explaining the whole process of how they decided Jason and I should play, the options of how games could be chosen and how to get in touch with her if I needed too (I can't get messages at this number, and this one may not record, so try them and then this one...) I would have been laughing if it wasn't on my cell.

Jason and I went to IMIG to record some filler for our "Book us" tape. It's just a quick thing with some of the best bits from our Halloween show and then a still of the logo with our booking information. Aaron put it all together and then is going to sort of flash the bits we recorded today over the logo, so we did stuff like "Book us now! This Could be your last chance!!" "Or THIS could be your last chance!" Jason went first and did 7 or 8 like that. I'm so much shorter than he is, when it got to be my turn the camera could only see the very top of my head, so I started screwing around pretending I was trying to climb into the frame and then just started jumping up and down "Book us! Book us!" Aaron just about died laughing and says he's pretty sure he'll use that one.

Born Yesterday previews tomorrow. We still have no set.

Tales from the Trail opens next month. We still have no tenor.

More updates as events warrant.
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