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What a fucking day. I don't think I have been this loaded with stuff at work since Christmas Carol. I felt like I was up to my ears in work with someone up my nose the whole time adding to the pile.

I've also been a horrible slacker about writing. I keep having ideas, but I just don't take the time to put them down. It's been a crazy week and this will be an utterly random catalog of events.

Saturday Mark and I went to see The Tempest. I enjoyed it for the most part. It was pretty dull in places. I think that can be one of the problems with the Late Romances; because they are about fathers and daughters and the villains are not that strong there seems to be a temptation to downplay them which takes the teeth out of the story. Antonio, Sebastian and even Caliban had no real menace. I think the play works best when you have a feeling that Miranda, Ariel and Prospero are in actual danger from the forces convening around them - stranded on an island in a sea of villains if you will.

Mark went to the wake for Jesus Christ Superstar after the show but I was just too tired to rally. I felt bad, but I also felt drunk and exhausted and didn't want to snore on anyones' parade.

The weather has been so amazing lately that Sunday Mark decided to repot most of our plants. We also started some seedlings for a veggie garden. I bought myself a present. I got a blueberry bush and named her Muffin. Between that and the teeny-weeny sprouts of the European Salad seeds I bought I've been wandering through the house hissing "Grow! Grow, my pretties! Grow large and strong so that I might eat you!"

We rented Sideways this weekend. It made me miss South Africa terribly. It also made me thirsty. We went through 2 bottles of wine

Sunday was also our first rehearsal with the Toad crew. Sometimes I feel as though they only keep me around because they like me - it sure can't be for my singing. I really surprised myself on Sunday, though. I think I was one of the stronger singers. At least I was able to remember the note progression on the main song we worked and sing loudly enough to help others stay on key. Of course, the moment someone started harmonizing, I was off singing with them instead, but that is what I do. I blame years of being in choir. My technique is pretty much just "sing what you hear". That came back to haunt me on one show. We had to do "My Funny Valentine" in 4-6 part harmony and I could not hold onto my part to save my life once I had to stand away from the other altos. I sucked. I was terrified. The night of the show, Mark ran up to hug me at the end of the song and said "I could hear you!" It was a huge occasion for me, I never sing well or loud enough to be picked out of a group. I ran over to the director, all excited "Mark could hear me!" and he said "I know, and you could hear me. You were singing tenor."

On Monday we went to see Baraka at the Bear Tooth userinfogeolinguist. I got the tickets really early and then went to Title Wave to kill time. I finally broke down and bought a copy of Ring which I have been devouring every moment I am home. I'd probably be done with it by now if I didn't keep leaving it at home. Baraka was interesting. I can see why people thought it belonged in the Qatsi trilogy but I did not think it was as good. It lacked a reason for being made other than "look, isn't this cool!" in some of the scenes. Most of them were early on, which made it hard to grasp onto the movie.

Last night I went to Bear Tooth grill with userinfokahteeyah and then hung out at home with her, Mark and Krista.

Krista is in the middle of Passover and rather grumpy about it, which is amusing as hell, especially since she alternated between that and pining for Jon Stewart. We had to remind her that even if we got him for her he wouldn't be Kosher. Even a doll wouldn't be, since they both plump when cooked, but a 2D standee? 100% Kosher.

Tonight Mark, userinfokornopolous and I went to Bear Tooth (anyone seeing a pattern here?) to see Merchant of Venice. I was quite impressed. I really enjoyed the movie visually and it was an interesting take on just what Antonio did when he ordered Shylock to convert. It's spawned many conversations.

But now, there is a kung-fu vampire movie waiting for me in the other room so.....
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