Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Off to a Positive Start

We rang in the new year at the home of JDawgsPI and the Boy Who Kisses Her. Stephanie came by to pre-function briefly and then gave us a ride over. The plan had been to walk over, then Anchorage fell into a deep freeze again.

The party was awesome. Lots of friends, good food and champagne. Even Jay stopped by for a minute because he was out walking nearby. There was also a ton of fireworks, which I love. LonelyDumptruck caught of picture of userinfoGeolinguist with a super-sized sparkler.

Today we did very little. I played Sims 3 and LonelyDumptruck shoveled some snow. We made Scotch Eggs for breakfast, those were unbelievably yummy, and went for a very, very brisk walk around the block.

Tonight we went over to Stephanie's house and had red beans and rice. Yes, it is supposed to be black-eyed peas, but noone in her family likes them and somewhere along the line they decided all beans were lucky. Besides, look how pretty that is:

You can't fault anything that looks that good.

Stephanie's brother and nephew were there for dinner, then her brother went home, so Stephanie and the nephew made Lego Cars Cars while we sat and talked. Rodney came over when he got off work, so it was a fun and mellow gathering.
Tags: food, sims 3

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