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A question for Monday.

Many years ago I worked with someone who says she told a number of people at Hollywood parties about a story idea she had for a feature film. A few years later a film that bore a striking resemblance to her story was released and became famous,

I also know someone who says he used to talk about starting a Star Trek franchise that was remarkably similar to Voyager when he was on chat/fan sites in the early 90's.

I was once told by a local playwright that the lead in his new play was being written with me in mind. Unfortunately, it was discovered I am a better SM than I am an actress before the script was finished and I was not asked to audition.


what is your dubious brush with fame?


Apr. 27th, 2005 08:59 am (UTC)
I was an Extra in "On Deadly Ground". I got to be a stand in for the big bodyguard of Michael Caine. I also got to have a nice, breif chat wtih Robter Watts (he produced Return of the Jedi) while he was on the set of Deadly...BTW Everyone BUT Segal was very plesant, polite and charming. Segal was nothing but the exact opposite.

If you're searching for a "stolen idea" brush with fame; my writing buddy Duncan's friend wrote a script for Enterprise just last year. This friend of a friend sent off the script to Rick Berman, actualy got a pitch phone confrence with him too! After they listened through the whole idea, he was given a pat on the head and told its not what they are looking for. suspciously, a new episode of Enterprise used very nearly the same story he pitched just a few months prior... hmmmm