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Last night was Get Shit Done Night.  I was dreading driving around town after another thaw-freeze cycle, but thankfully the roads were nowhere near as crazy as I was anticipating.


I think I have all but one gift and some packaging covered, after stops at the Dimond Mall, Costco, Toys R Us and a couple local places.  All told, it took about 3 hours and it was nice to mark so many things off my to-do list.


We found an Alton Brown recipe for peanut butter noodles over the weekend.  We busted it out for the Brr-lesque after party and it was so good LonelyDumptruck made it again last night with shrimp.  We spent the night packaging cookies and working on cards before getting the tree out up and laying out all the ornaments.  We didn't get the tree decorated, but that is on the list for tonight.


We also made the traditional midnight run to the post office and got almost everything mailed.  The automatic machine declined to help me with two packages for Holiday_Wishes, so I will have to go back while the windows are open tonight or tomorrow.


Tonight's plans include decorating the tree, wrapping gifts and baking after we hand out gifts for charities tonight.

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