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Weekend That Was


I caught a cold. I was really sick Thursday and Hella-sick Friday, but not bad enough to call in.  The reception desk is right next to the Germophobe's desk and he was NOT pleased that I was there.  I know he complained/tattled to the Big Boss because as soon as he walked in, the Big Boss greeted me with "So I hear you're not doing so well!"  Ten minutes later he had the Lead Toy come down to take over the desk and make me go home.

So I went to the post office and then bunkered in for the day.  The Misfit Toy Christmas party was Friday, so I agonized over whether or not I should go.  On one hand, it's a cold.  On the other, I did get sent home and the Great Puritan Work Ethic says too sick to work = too sick to play.

We met


for a drink at Roadhouse and then stopped by the party for a little bit.  It was nice, though we got there so late we missed the drink tokens and the tickets for fabulous prizes.  Invisiboss won a new tv.

Saturday I House Managed for one of the ATY Christmas shows during the day and we had the Brr-lesque Christmas party that night.  I was feeling shittier, but rallied, and even played some of the games.  I was first out at musical chairs and got a cash payoff for complaining that I deserved a consolation prize.  (turns out they did that for the Boy Who Kisses  JDawgsPI last year, so I won't feel bad.)  I creamed everybody at a memory game and won a Look gift certificate and was still asleep on the couch by 10:30 while LonelyDumptruck watched 
Boardwalk Empire.

Sunday userinfoGeolinguist and I went shopping for his sister and then we met LonelyDumptruck at Beartooth for White Christmas.  I'd never seen it before.  Next week they are showing Santa Conquers the Martians and we're all hoping to meet up for that.

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