Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Stupid stuff

Just a quick filler post before I update about Kodiak etc.

I play Sims. I can be a serious Sims addict and most of my friends think i play 24/7 but really I just go on binges.

Now that my computer is *finally* up and running again, it looks as though I should delete my families and reload the game on my second hard drive.

This is where you-all come in (knew it had to be somewhere, right?) Many moons ago I was bored and started making families kind of inspired by people I know. Not Sims based on the people, but on their interests. For example - one of my oldest friends plays D&D and is a comic book junkie. The last name of "his" family is Ranger and all the kids are named after animated characters.

I'm bored again - tell me what your favorite/best things are. I need some new families for my new game.
Tags: sims
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