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In the audience again

Getting ready to head off to Kodiak very shortly. I think I have things arranged so the cast gets a lot of free time to study and maybe catch a bit of the whale festival that is supposedly happening this weekend. userinfoscooterpbakes thinks we will be doing very little in terms of re-hanging and re-focusing, so maybe I will get to go out and play too.

Mark and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar last night and it kicked ASS! I don't know what people were fussing about. The first couple of numbers are a little muddy, but the diction and volume levels resolved themselves nicely. I honestly think that the fact Jesus and Judas are harder to understand than Mary is a choice of the score - they have songs in a rock style, arguing and she cuts through that as a moment of clarity with "Everything's Alright." And I adored Simon. I can't believe that woman is not getting more props from the press. Not only was she clear, funny and a good singer but she had character flowing out of her ass. Mark took one look at Simon and whispers "Look, it's Judas Jr." He could not tell the character was played by a woman. We went out for drinks with the cast afterward and had a great time. Van could not stop talking about or playing with my hair. Mark was teasing him about it "You're totally weired out, aren't you, man?" Sandy also went on and on about how I look like a 20's starlet. She talked a little about Jerry's memorial too. She wants the Mechanicals to do their Bugermask dance as part of that.

In celebration of my new hair I'm wearing my leather jacket for the first time this season and my tight little jeans (no sexy mini-tee, though I was tempted.) Yngvil made me get up and spin for her and then gave me a big hug.

Well, off for a Diet Coke before watching someone load up the bags for me and I'm off to see the bears!
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