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Still no ROTK

Mark's been home from work since New Year's, which has been really nice. Friday I went to rehearsal with every intention of going to see The Movie, but by the time we go done it was almost 10, I was starving and going to see Kill Bill at the theatrepub where I could have beer and little garlic treats just sounded so much better! We took Tom, who had't seen it before, and in spite of all the stories we told him about the blood he was still agog about how bloody it was. I loved seeing it again, picking up on some of the small stuff I missed the first time, like that it was Kaboom cereal Copperhead was going to make for her daughter. I felt like a moron, though, I finally clued in during the Sonny Chiba scene that yes, Bill is the Carradine who did Kung Fu. Kind of gives a new meaning to that whole bit about "And given the student..."

We were going to try to go to The Movie again last night, but went to visit the kids instead. Murray was really friendly. Dana thinks living with Kevin's dog while she was gone might have awakened some latent personality in the little thug. Nemo was a little more stand-offish this time, but still our kid ;) I really miss them but didn't cry at all this time. Dana sent a picture of them home with us. After that we just got Taco Bell and came home to watch as much Titus Andronicus as Mark could stand. I love that movie. I cannot believe the visuals, and it has always been one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. It's been so long since I've seen it, though, I'd forgotten how tight the story is. I'd remembered there being more plot holes.

Born Yesterday is about ready to open. I feel pretty good about leaving things in my ASM's hands. I just need to see how she handles lights, but she is already running the sound for rehearsals. As long as I can keep her from freaking out about things she has thought about getting for the actors without talking to them first, all should be well.
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