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....and so little desire to write. I took my MRI and bone scan to the therapist with me on Tuesday so she could get a gander of the back she had been working on for so long. I also let her know I really didn't know what it all meant, so after reading all the comments and looking at all the sheets of pictures she finally gave me what I consider the definitive diagnosis in English: I've been lifting more than I'm physically capable of for years. I am not, in spite of my years of pretending otherwise, a 6-foot man able to manhandle flats with a single arm. I am, in fact, not allowed to lift anything until I have done a minimum of 3-6 months of weight training. She said one doctor will look at it and say "arthritis", another will say "excessive wear and tear" but the upshot is that, at 34, I have worn out my back. I mentioned that the Doc suggested I go to a gym since he thinks therapy is "too passive". Game on. I'm supposed to add back all my exercises this week after not being able to do them for over 2 months. Yep, curls with a Nalgene here I come.

I got my hair cut today. I love the cut, but I am not entirely pleased with the color. It's pretty but not quite what I was looking for today. See, I have sort of dishwater blonde hair. I'm proud of being blonde, but I look better with reddish hair. I've colored my hair 3 times and 2 of them the friend doing it ran out of coloring before she made it all the way through my thick, thick hair so I had this really beautiful calico cat effect where my hair was predominately red with random threads of gold and darker red. I went in to the salon and explained that I wanted to be strawberry blonde again and sort of explained the calico effect as well. The (wonderful) stylist (who I just realized I FORGOT TO TIP! Shit!! Guess where I'm going on the way to work tomorrow...) asked if I wanted highlights. I said "yes" thinking I would get red hair with gold and dishwater highlights. I have dishwater hair with red and gold highlights. Pretty, but....
The haircut is great, however. The stylist made the mistake of shaving the back of my neck just a little in 3 tiny places so I have what I refer to as "scruffa hair". This is very bad. It's like giving a man breasts.

The final shows at Cyrano's went pretty well considering everything. Having this week off has been a blessing. Mark went to play disc golf on Monday and I hung out at home with userinfokornopolous and my brand new copy of King Fu Chaos which I have been playing into the ground. We made quesadillas and tequila lime shrimp for dinner. I want to know what planet the original cooks are from that you're supposed to cook the shrimp in a pan with onions for 3-4 minutes, add tequila and have the pan hot enough to flame that off, then cook 3-4 minutes, add lime juice when the shrimp are halfway cooked and still need to cook the shrimp 3-4 minutes longer. Those shrimp were pink as soon as they hit the onions. Luckily it all tasted fabulous.

We went to play bar trivia with userinfogeolinguist, userinfoscooterpbakes, userinfokahteeyah and some non-journal friends on Tuesday. Team Meatwad once again made a strong showing until the picture round when we utterly sucked. We need a ringer for next week.

Last night Mark, userinfokornopolous and I went to see "Bad Education" at Bear's Tooth. If you are in Anchorage, you NEED to go see this movie tonight. If you are not, you NEED to rent this movie. I have always been luke-warm about Almodovar and I was utterly blown away. It was utterly Hitchcock-ian, from the music to the treatment of obsession. I have not seen a better movie in a very long time. I have stories about Midsummer, but this post is getting too long, so that will be a page of its own.
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