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Greetings from Amsterdam! 

We started off for breakfast next door, but right after we ordered they discovered they had 200 people coming for lunch and the kitchen told everyone else to fuck off, but the waiter said we could get croisants from the shop across the street and eat them there.


We  did that, then I suggested we walk down to Barney's Uptown for proper food, because I do everything Boom Chicago* tells me. 


  had  the scrambled egg intense roulade, a pancake roll-up with eggs, bacon, cheese, olives, sudried tomatoes and pinenuts, and I got an Irish breakfast, eggs, smoked bacon, sausage, potato cakes, a  tomato, beans and toast. Too much food!

This drove past us on the way to the Anne Frank Huis.  I am not kidding.


There was a large group of  Muslim women in line for the Anne Frank Huis, so we had a short wait to get in.  The annex was larger than I imagined it would be.  Otto Frank asked that all the rooms remain unfurnished, as all the furnishings were removed when they were arrested, but in 1999 someone dressed all the rooms for photos that hung with quotations from Anne's diary and descriptions.


After that we wandered towards the Leidseplein (which is a little like Times Square, but smaller and  with a Hard Rock Cafe) and the museums.  It was an amazing day, around 70 and not a cloud in the sky.  On the way I found an artist who designs t-shirts and I spent too much on one.  We also stepped off the tourist-go-round and had beers in the square outside Boom Chicago.


When we got there, the buskers were a trumpet, fiddle and guitar trio playing Putting on the Ritz and when we left it was a caporia demonstration.


We walked to and then all through the Van Gough museum.  I had a piece of crud in my shoe that became a blister on the sole of my foot, but I wouldn't let that stand between me and some art.


While I was reading up on Alton Brown ending Good Eats, the predictive link faries suggested I look at a page about the best street food in Amsterdam.  This led to me making a reservation at the one restaurant on this list, Nam Kee, which was noted for oysters in a black bean sauce.  I thought it was going to be a fancy place from that, but it turned out to be a small, popular, very authentic place.  They had dishes like chicken bowels and pork stomach on the menu.  We got six gorgeous oysters. 
also ordered an oyster dish served in a clay pot and I got fried noodles with prawns.  Mine was well-cooked but disappointing, I had the same dish at a new Asian fusion place in Anchorage a few months ago, but


's was great.

How do you like them oysters/


After dinner we stopped at a rugby bar so


could get some genever and I could continue my tour of witte beers.  We missed the last canal tour of the night, so it was back to bars and people watching for us.  LonelyDumptruck spotted an old guy wearing pants (thank Zod), a jacket, vest and nothing else.


For those of you reading this long,  here is a cookie.


These are the stairs to our room.


And now,  good night Amsterdam.  Good night train station.  Good night canals.  Good night bar next door.  Good night coffeehouses.  Good night Argentinan steak houses.  Good night stoners.  Good night cheese.  Good night everyone.


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