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1.  What are your weekend plans?


2.  How many pillows are on your bed?


3.  What do you know?

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Sep. 24th, 2011 04:49 am (UTC)
1) I wanted to get to "Concentric circles" this year- but no car. It's a day long picnic-like event where all the local pagan groups gather to do thier 'style' of ritual or demonstrations... it's neat to meet all the different folks from all the different groups, once a year at least! Because I have no car for this, it left the day open- so we may have friends over for more sorting/cleaning, which means it is a win-win. :) Either way, we will be ejoying Saturday! ...Sunday is rehersal for "Hecate's Sickle Festival" and I am SO supposed to be 'off book', but not so much because of the painkiller drugs. (grins sheepishly) After that, we have "game night" with friends, and one of them cooks for us all, which is SUPER AWESOME. I hope this weekend will be made of win!

2) Three- One shaped foam one for me, one thinner but shaped foam one for my hubby, and then a big 'ol body pillow I can lay on while healing from surgery. MMmmm. body pillow.

3) That this surgery seriously changed my life path. It was so incidental, but fixing this painful complication may also have fixed a large part of my self-esteem issues, with bowel control. (TMI, but such is life!) ...I know this is a GOOD thing.