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Back in the news

Okay - I went to the Doc to hear about what the fuck is up with my back and I left more confused than when I went in..

When last we left my poor back the MRI was showing a small midline protrusion and some narrowing of the discs. There was also concern it might be Titsze syndrome because of the rib involvement or something else in the rheumatism family.

What did we learn today?

The protrusion is old. Possibly as much as 20 years old. We know that because the bone scan is clear. Strike one off the list

The odds of it being Titsze syndrome are very small. We can't rule it out, but the fact it goes "fuck, my rib....fuck my back....fuck my rib" with periodic outbursts of "Fuck! Both!" instead of it being "Fuck! Both!" all the time means there is about a 3% chance that that is the culprit. Strike 2 off the list.

So what is it? You tell me. The Doc sure wasn't clear. Okay, no, that's unfair. The joints are inflamed and pissed off at me so I got a cocktail of lanocane and cortisone to the 3 most tender areas. The lanocane is supposed to numb it out short-term (still waiting for that), tonight will be painful and by tomorrow I'm supposed to remember that I can't lift more than 20 pounds and keep taking it easy because I'll feel invincible. If that is not the case or if it wears off within 5 days, then they will go in surgically to inject more steroids. In the meantime he wants me to head to the gym and use the rowing machine. I was good, I didn't laugh in his face. I did ask about staying in physical therapy and it was His turn to be good and not laugh in my face. He said therapy tends to be too passive - electro-stim, ultrasound etc. and what I need to work on is strengthening my muscles. I'm going back to my therapist.

Also - I just spotted the MRI reading sheet left in my charts. It lists marked narrowing in 3 places and endplate irregularities in several places which Doc and I didn't talk about this time. Bet your ass we are at my next follow-up.

That is my back. Now continue with your day.
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