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Woza John Paul II

I am not a Catholic. The faith has always fascinated me, but primarily by anecdote, I prefer to hear people talk about it and tell stories to seeking out books to study it. While I was watching the live coverage on CNN, they kept talking about how much the world has changed since he was made Pope and how much more quickly news spreads in this day and age. I couldn't help reflecting on the fact I first heard about his death from reading the journal of a friend in Norway. I also spent time asking Mark what he was thinking and remembered. I finally decided to stop bugging him and bug the world in general with questions like this -

When the Pope dies, is there kind of a feeling of being rudderless? Is there a sense of being without a leader?

Do you remember the Pope visiting your hometown? What was that like? Was the Mass just cooler because HE was there?

Do you think the next Pope will be from Latin America?

Yeah, I feel odd asking things like this. I feel like a little kid trying to suss out the natural world by asking why the sky is blue, but I'm curious how other people feel and think about all this.
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