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Mark it 15


Last night Rodney, LonelyDumptruck and I went to see The Big Lebowski.  The new super-theatre had a special screening to celebrate the Blue-Ray release.  Or maybe it was a new print.  Or it could have been because it was Tuesday.

Anyway, we went to Darwin's for caucasians and oat sodas afterwards.  Pretty much the entire bar had a sing-along to Yellow Submarine and spirits were high.  A strange woman came to our table to say she could tell my inner movie was Orlando.  Yeah...

Not long after that, LonelyDumptruck asked if I am working tonight. 

"Yes,"  I replied, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Then I had to explain.  "Tomorrow is our anniversary and I agreed to work.  I whiffed it.  I'm a total guy."

"Oh," says Rodney.  "Wait a minute.  You are working at the PAC on your anniversary?" 

All I could do was nod miserably (I had beer in my mouth at the time, you see.)

"Oh,"  continues Rodney, then he looks at LonelyDumptruck.  "Wanna go to the Bush Company?  Because I can't think of a better way to spend your anniversary if you're old lady is working!!"

We all shot beer out of our noses and clinked bottles.  The jukebox started to play Hey Jude and the whole bar began to sing.  Good times, my friends.

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