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Weekend! Weekend

We had the final family gathering at the 'Burner Family Compound Friday night. Jay has moved into our apartment with his girlfriend and her daughter. Dad and Ila's apartment has been rented to a young couple, so they moved over to Jay's old apartment until the single mom they rented that apartment to took occupancy last night and they moved to a hotel. It was very bittersweet and low-key, just pizza and spending time together.

After saying good night we went to Koots. Our friend, BMac brought up a San Francisco punk band, The Grannies, as part of his wedding celebration. The play dressed as old ladies. Really.

Our friends, Double Aught, were one of the opening acts. It was their last Anchorage show for at least a year because one of the guys is moving out of state. We thought we might miss Double Aught, but everything started really late and each band got an additional 10 minutes so we got to see every act and The Grannies didn't take the stage until after 11.

We were both getting tired by that point, but LonelyDumptruck rallied
with a vengeance and spent most of the show out on the floor. I found a nice little pocket right on the edge of the floor where I could be ready to push or be pushed, but nobody messed with me so I was just able to skank, headbang and stomp as much as I could. Of course, that wasn't very long, but it was still nice to get down with my gimp self.

Saturday we had his-and-her weddings. I was actually a bridesmaid for the arranged marriage of one of the Misfit Toys. It was really nice, though the maid of honor (I think the woman who arranged the match) decided that she and the bride did not need to be there for the pictures before hand and that they would just arrive at 3 for the ceremony. Yeah, she was well-liked for that. She took a real shine to me, though, and I heard all how long she has known the bride, everything she did for them that day and all about the food she made for the reception. She even came by my table to explain what each dish was and to see how I liked it.

LonelyDumptruck, meanwhile, was at BMac's wedding in a park near the water which had a circle of love made of flower petals and a squadron of flower girls. I heard a train went by early in the reception so they got to moon a whole car of smiling, waving tourists. I slipped out of the Misfit Toy reception after the first toast and headed down to stand in the rain with great friends and listen to live music for most of the night.

Sunday we slept in some and I puttered around playing Sims and sending audition notices for the next show I am stage managing. LonelyDumptruck's rehearsal was cancelled so we went downtown to BMac's post-Nup BBQ.  If any of you are thinking "Wait a tic, a part the day after an outdoor wedding?  Isn't that just a sneaky way to get people to come down to help move the tents and tables?"  You would be correct!

It was really laid back.  Most of the guests were family or members of the band.  We talked Rodney and Stephanie into coming down for a while, then we all went to get Mexican food.  They wanted to play Assassins Creed after dinner, so we all went to our separate X-Boxes (or in my case, the computer) and I played Sims while they figured out the multi-player game.

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