Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Stay Classy, Anchortown

I'm House Managing for the Aurora tonight.  There is also an event in one of the other theatres, so the lobby is loud and it took me a minute to realize I'm hearing voices raised in anger outside the theatre.

I finally clue in and rush to the window.   There are two young women right outside the doors pushing each other, pulling hair, and generally doing their best to kill each other in spite of two guys trying to hold them apart.

I call security, one of the young men walks off and comes back with a security guard from Zod knows where.  As soon as they see the guard, the two girls throw their arms around each other and then, as he obviously lectured them, began to kiss passionately.

The girls skip around the corner to Town Square, hand in hand, before flopping into a flower bed and crushing a large amount of greenery while making out.

Full moon tonight?

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