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It Was a Weekend

Friday was just a glorious day here in Anchortown.  It was dead at the Warehouse of Misfit Toys so the Lead Toy let me leave even earlier than I was scheduled to go.  That would have been nicer if it wasn't leaving to go to a friend's memorial.  Andy's death was very sudden and unexpected, in spite of a myriad of health problems.  In fact, Friday was supposed to be a party celebrating his birthday and homecoming from the hospital.

I didn't have the heart to change the name of the event from Andy's Homecoming party on my calendar and I didn't realize how appropriate that was.  It was the most religious memorial I've been to in a long time.  Everyone kept talking about how Andy and Jesus are running through the mountains or playing soccer together in heaven right now.  It made me think of of of the Stage Manager at the Pearly Gates jokes (and there are a couple of them):

The Stage Manager is meeting St.Peter at the Pearly Gates and getting the scoop on what to expect in heaven.  "And we've got an amazing show in the theater tonight," says St.  Peter.  (you can create your own lineup, when I tell the joke I usually include Jackie Gleason and Johnny Cash.)  The Stage Manager is duly impressed.  "But you want to know the best part?"  continues St. Peter.  "You're calling the show."

Saturday I worked a very boring Aurora shift while LonelyDumptruck went biking with Stephanie.  After that we met Paul Bryner to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  That was one of the best shows I have seen in a while!  Stephanie didn't make it to see the show, but met us after and we all went to dinner.

We tried to get pho, but the place was closed so we ended up at a Mexican place so family-run that the waiter had to put down his margarita to seat us.  When LonelyDumptruck and I asked what kind of beer they had the answer was "Mexican beer...and American beer "

After dinner we bid Paul Bryner a good evening and LonelyDumptruck, Stephanie and I went to a friend's Welcome Back to Alaska party.  We saw a lot of good folks we hadn't got to hang out with for a while, including someone who is going to the UK for two months and is willing to do some recon on the best way to get to Scarborough.

Sunday was my day to sleep in, the first one in a while.  We met Frank, Kamala, Jdawgspi and The Boy Who Kisses Jdawgspi for brunch at Kriner's Diner and to pick up our pay for the Brr-lesque.

LonelyDumptruck had rehearsal for Emma and Adolph in the afternoon, so I took myself to see The 39 Steps.  I liked it, it is a cute show, but am I catty for thinking it is the kind of script that would really kill if the timing was spot-on?

Rodney invited us to a friend's daughter's birthday party, but neither of us felt like rallying, so we just made dinner and watched Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2.  I don't think I have seen 2 since it was in theatres and then it left me kind of cold.  It worked a lot better as a double feature to me.

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