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Just to keep the mom and other folks who read this and don't hear me whinging every day completely updated
The spinal scan thing went fine. The Doc either didn't explain well or I didn't understand well but I was very, very relieved to discover they were not giving me a shot right to the ouchy spot in my back. And it turned out it was not a dye injection, it was a radioactive one, and the procedure was a bone scan to check on excess wear and tear of the joints etc. The injection did give me the joke of the day, though, every time Don gave me shit about something I just reminded him that I was sitting at his desk and threatened to shed isotopes all over it.

The worst part of the scan is that Christian picked me up from the office. As soon as he heard it was a bone scan he blurted out "Oh my God! That's what they do for cancer! You have cancer! Do you think you have cancer?" The scan itself was a piece of cake, but really weird. They strapped me down with velcro and then tapped my feet together to "make it easier" to hold still for the duration. I had a very chatty tech who said she didn't see anything leap out at her "But these things can be subtle, the doctor should be doing the reading." I now just have to wait to hear back from him about when to come in for the results. I'm at that point where the scans better damn well show something.

The show is going very well. Bottom is finally feeling better. We had to cancel last Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday this week but we went on last night to an almost sold-out house. 25 kids came from a high school drama club to see the show.

The director was very upset that we started late and intermission ran long, but there was little I could do. The last people to get tickets were a family of 5 with 3 small children. All the seats were scattered like beads and I had to go around and ask the high school kids to scoot down or change seats so I could get the 2 youngest to sit near mommy. Then one lady got upset with me because she and her boyfriend hadn't been able to get seats together and I didn't ask anyone to move for THEM. I just started to explain the kid-factor, then stopped and took the tactic of "well, you didn't say anything to me and I don't think you asked the kids next to you to scoot down. I can't help if you don't speak up." So we had to wait a few extra minutes while she talked someone into moving so her boyfriend could give up his fine seat in the middle section and come sit with her on the side.

I hung out with userinfogeolinguist a good portion of yesterday. We were going to go have lunch at Mooses Tooth but he drove to Cafe Amsterdam out of habit. It's "our place" for lunches and we figured we'd better not break the tradition.
userinfoscooterpbakes and userinfokahteeyahcame over so userinfoscooterpbakes could install a second hard drive in my computer, but that seems to have fragged the power supply. Luckily I have a loving husband with a computer of his own who wants to spend the day watching "Band of Brothers" so I get to be here typing and whinging away.
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