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Tuesday...why did it have to be Tuesday

It was pretty surreal. I had to fill out a 12 page survey, they have their own prescription line instead of just sending things to your local pharmacy, they have all their own diagnostics there, the whole routine.

I like the doctor. He decided not to "shoot from the hip" but do some tests before starting to treat me. I go in for a spinal screening today. At 11:30 they are going to shoot dye into my back, then I have to go back at 2:30 to have it read. I'm pretty nervous about that one. I had an MRI yesterday because I confused the hell out of the poor doctor when I kept talking about my rib. He was not expecting anything but thorasic pain related to my tiny little curve or something. Then he started checking it out....*poke* "Ow" *pokepoke* "OW!" He's thinking it's a bit inflamed so he wants to get a good look at it to see if it could be Costochondritis, Tietze's syndrome or some sort of rheumatic disorder. I think he was also interested in the way my back pain is very close to the joints and will be looking for signs back there.

I accidentally scared the hell out of the doctor. I kind of didn't mention up front that I'm double-jointed. I didn't omit it. I circled the "prolapsed mitral valve" thing on the survey. Most guess from that or ask about it, I've never had a doctor just start doing those mobility/reflex tests I remember from my pediatrician. He was having me push against his hands, move this, move that and then he just took my hand and started bending it back......and back....and back....His eyes get a little bigger. He takes my thumb and does the same thing. Eyes get bigger still. He tries it with one finger...."By the way, I am double-jointed." He actually jumped back and clapped. I'm beging to wonder if I am the superstar of stretchy people. I'm going to have to ask the therapist about that when I see her again.

The MRI machine made me think of Aqua Teen Hunger Force for reasons I can't even guess at, so I bought myself a copy of season 2 as a treat. I think it had something to do with the noises making me think of being trapped in a bad Philip Glass video.

On the way back to the office I had the best cab ride. I was craving pot stickers but felt guilty about being away from the office that long, so I figured I would call the cab as I was leaving the mall, rush to the post office to check the mail and have the cab meet me at a store front halfway back to the mall. That way I get things done, don't have to stand around waiting and everyone wins. I didn't count on the cab pulling in just as I was passing Cyrano's the first time, so I was teasing the driver about being too quick for me and I asked him if he would mind pulling into the post office and waiting for me. He didn't, of course, and as I was thanking him he said "Don't you recognize me?" I don't know that many older African-American men, so I pretty ashamed that I didn't. I hazarded a guess that I knew him from Cyrano's and then start to apologize that I just couldn't recall when he cut me off "I'm the designated Mr. Nice GUY!"

Last night I taught a little quicky-improv thing for the Red Court and had a ball. We really just focused on thinking on your feet and building on "Yes, and" A lot of them are young and nervous, but some picked it up quick. I think it helped that the focus was on being rude and comic, so they were able to see what happened when they kept asking about one guys wife or what happened in the Baron's tent and the person just had to keep agreeing. "Is it true your wife was with _____ last night?" "Yes....and she was just warming the bed for me?"
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