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Weekend Review

Friday night we had to cancel the show. Our Bottom was diagnosed with bronchitis and an atypical pneumonia. Unfortunately, this was the night userinfoexpatriate chose to come see the show, but luckily he was able to hang out.

So, instead of a show we met userinfoscooterpbakes, userinfokahteeyah and two of their non-LJ friends for dinner at Tango. I've heard wonderful things about the place, but I was not too impressed. We probably picked a bad night, though, there was a party of 20 at the next table so the service was horrible. Mark, userinfoexpatriate and I shared a couple appetizers including one billed as "the appetite buster". The menu described it as spiced ham rolled with eggs and spinach. What came to the table was 3 Easter-sized slabs of ham rolled around over-done hard boiled egg slices. It tasted good, but boy was it one big, ugly plate of food.

Yesterday Mark and I went to an ATY sponsored Master Class taught by one of the actors from Aquila's Twelfth Night. I didn't think I was going to get to watch any at all since Yngvil set a work call at the warehouse an hour before the workshop was due to end and the last bus out left an hour earlier. I called my friend Tom to help and to keep me company, but Mark ended up lending us his car so we got to sit in on most of the workshop. It was mostly movement based, which I haven't seen for a long time. I heard complaints later that he didn't mention Shakespeare at all, but I think the kids had fun. I know Mark did.

I did my best to be careful at the warehouse tidy. I spent part of the time preparing files for Summer Conservatory (shameless plug - send your kids!) and the rest sitting on the floor folding shirts. Apparently this was not careful or taking it easy enough.

Bottom was better enough to go on last night, and we had a kick-ass show. There were a lot of friends in the audience, including userinfoexpatriate and userinfosionainn
came with the Rogues and Wenches to do a preshow which is always marvelous but the best part was that userinfogeolinguist
came by to meet userinfoexpatriate after the show and brought Girl Scout cookies! I haven't had any this year! I had to force one of the kids to leave them in the green room and I can't wait to have some this afternoon.

Tonight there is a play reading but I might skip it depending on how I am feeling.

Yeah, life's pretty full.
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