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I actually saw a Shakespeare play I was not involved with last night. I can't remember the last time that happened.

The Midsummer cast took a night off and went to the Aquila touring production of 12th Night. I really loved it. Mark was not quite as excited as I was. There were only 8 people in the cast, so not all of the character compression worked. Feste, the sea captain and Fabian were one character and it lead to a lot of * I'm sad* in my opinion. People who had never seen the play didn't realize he was representing multiple people, though (I can't say playing multiple parts because they rolled all of them into one persona, kind of like a Hamlet I saw a few years ago where the same guy played Horatio, the Ghost and the Gravedigger without ever leaving the stage)until the point where he mysteriously failed to recognize Viola after not only having interacted with her throughout act 1 but was the one who rescued her. Also, they never resolved Antonio's plot because he was played by the same actor who did Malvolio. They weren't deal-breaking problems, just things that caught my reality sense. Mark was surprised at how somber it was for a comedy, but joked later that he meant the lights and sound.

I thought it was 85% successful though and I'm just giddy about getting to see it.
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