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Good Times

It has been a beautiful long weekend. Dawn stopped by for a drink after work on Friday and then we just relaxed on the couch.

Saturday I did not have to help with the Last Big Push to move Ye Olde Youth Theatre out of the current warehouse and into a new storage space, so I got to hang up posters for the Summer program and run errands instead.

It was so nice out we had PoisonDartFrog and MonkofSilence over for the first BBQ of the year. LonelyDumptruck made both salmon and halibut, we grilled up some corn on the cob with hoisen-lime butter, roasted up some sweet potatoes and some broccoli with pistachios.

After that we went to a cast and crew gathering from Emma and Adolph to watch the DVD footage from that and 20th Century Man in Homer. Darwin's Theory is the preferred watering hole for that group, so we ambled over for a couple and then returned home for more couch time.

Taking a break from the Ren Fair this year means we also had a break from loading in this weekend, so we got to sleep in on Sunday. I had a shift house managing the Aurora show that night, which I love. It is so mellow. The only bad part is that one of LonelyDumptruck's step-brothers is in town, so Mommie and Eddie had a family BBQ and I couldn't go. I did get home in time for Date Night with Dawn, though. That was drinks, couch time and watching LonelyDumptruck play the second Assassins Creed.

Today we had a late breakfast and then LonelyDumptruck went off to help Jay move Lori-O's old stove to his place and I played Sims until my house managing shift.

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