Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

BPAL-y Question

So.  I need to do some de-stashing and also some decluttering.  I want to put some of my BPAL up for sale, but I think I want to do something more fun than just list imps. 

I have a lot of decants, including things like the original Bigger Critters blend, Peony Moon, Annabel Lee...these and all the general catalog things I have are at least 3 years old.  They have been stored well, most have rolled lables and all are at least testible amounts.

I want to offer Mystery Lots.  The box will have at least 5 imps, plus goodies...something like a used book, stationary, jewelery, maybe even a DVD.

Does $20 sound like a fair price?  Would you like something like that?

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