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Mark and I went to see Ocean's 12 last night. Talk about a shitty way to end a great weekend.

And I mean the weekend was great. Thursday we had a good house. Friday and Saturday were amazing houses. The best part is that people are bringing little kids to see the show and they are having a ball. Friday night we had 2 little girls dancing to the pre-show music. I sent all the actors to the booth to watch them they were so cute. And they giggled at everything. By the time we hit Pyramus and Thisbe they had left their seats and were sitting on the floor at the very edege of the stage. I didn't think it could possibly get any cuter and then I opened the door to the lobby for Saturday's pre-show. Starting about an hour before the show there was this little tiny girl sitting on the floor right in front of the theatre door. She was surrounded with stuff - a book, flashcards, 2 packs of snack gave me a major flashback to people waiting in line for Episode 1. As they were going into the theatre her mom whispered to the director that the little darling had not liked the seat she had last time (last time!!!!!!) so mom promised that she could be first in line and pick out her own seat this time. Does theatre get any better than that?

But onto the crapfest that was Ocean's 12.

I really, really liked Ocean's 11 even though I actively avoid Julia Robert's movies. I knew 12 was going to be bad, but by God why were there not more warnings about it?!? I will be listing spoilers here, but I won't cut them because the movie does not deserve the dignity of that.

It had moments, of course. I really liked being introduced to Linus' mom, and it was nice to see them focus on Rusty for the love story but the rest of it...Mark and I had separate things that just made us want our 2 hours back.

1) The Night Fox. what, all the good villain names were taken? This one bugged the shit out of Mark but I didn't mind it so much. See, every time they said "The Night Fox", I mentally substituted Allison Janey saying "The JACKyll" from West Wing and it put me in a happy place.

2) and Mark's biggest. Julia Roberts pretending to be Julia Roberts?!? This was not only bordering on moronic but it was downright insulting.

3) and my biggest. I was ready to go about the time the super villian did the Electric Boogaloo past the security lasers.

We're going to see Life Aquatic tomorrow night and if the third movie I've seen in 2005 sucks eggs, someone will pay.
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