Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

My Roller Coaster, Join Me On It

So I was house managing last night, which means no cellphone. We're supposed to be fairly strict in enforcing this with our ushers. Luckily another house manager was my usher in the other lobby and she didn't want to wear a radio, so she was texting me updates instead! I was in the house telling a couple of the ushers that we'd made an offer on a place and my phone went off. I was joking with them "But I'm legal, because I'm getting updates on the Atwood from oh God it's my realtor..." and both ushers yelled in unison "Call him back! Call him back!!"

Mr. Real Estate called to say the husband is out of town on a hunting trip, but it expected to be back in time to meet the deadline for accepting or declining our offer (5:00 today) and then went on to say that even though he was teasing us about being nervous he thought we'd made a very good decision with this house.

He called again around 7 to say we might be in competition for the house after all. Another couple saw it around 4, while the wife was there. They told her they were going back to their agent's office to make an offer right away and she called her realtor to tell him to expect it. The selling agent called Mr. Real Estate to update him on that, but the offer hadn't landed by the time Mr. Real Estate called us.

We'll just have to see what their offer is and who the sellers like better, I guess...


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