Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet...

...we're still hunting houses.

Last Tuesday we went to look at a cute little place not far from our neighborhood. It had a huge yard that wrapped all the way around the house (except for, you know, the part they paved so you could park an RV). There was an arctic entry and that as well as the living room had wood floors and all wood paneling. Mr. Real Estate kept commenting how great it would look to have a wood burning stove in that front room.

The kitchen was big, but didn't have a lot of counter space. It did have a walk-in pantry though. In the MLS pictures it looked like the cabinets were white and all the appliances were soft pink, but this was not really the case. The appliances were a fairly neutral buff color and the cabinet were a fugly cousin of mint green.

There was a mystery room right off the kitchen. A large, open space with a door leading out to the driveway and a raised platform with a dryer. No washer. Just a dryer. The room on the other side of that would make a great office.

There were three bedrooms and a full bathroom off the living room. All three bedrooms were so small (how small were they?) the master bedroom only had a half bathroom attached. LonelyDumptruck realized later we'd have to go back and measure the bedrooms before we could seriously consider the house because our bed might not fit.

Overall, it's a nice place, I could see good parties there, but I wasn't wowed. It is one of the few places we have seen that doesn't need a new roof or windows brought up to code but, as Mr. Real Estate said, he can write in provisions to protect us from anything except buying the wrong house. I think we will continue to look.

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