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Trip Update

We got our plane tickets in and out of Amsterdam!  Turns out it is not only someplace we have wanted to visit again, but was one of the most economical options.  We might even be able to go to the Heinekien brewery for Lori-O and Eddie this time.

We are most likely going to fly from Amsterdam to Leeds and back, I am still pricing out those flights.   I'm still working out the best way to get from Scarborough  to Leeds.  If any of you UK or UK-savvy folks have suggestions I would love to hear them!

It is going to be pretty whirlwind.  We leave Anchorage Tuesday evening and get to Amsterdam Wednesday evening.  I have to be in Scarborough no  later than 6:00pm on Friday.  The last theatre event wraps up at 1:00 on Sunday officially, but I figure it will be another hour since it is the Q&A with Sir Alan.   The next set thing is flying from Amsterdam back home Tuesday morning. 

I am thinking we can catch a way-too-early flight to Leeds Friday morning and then either catch a train or rent a car to get to Scarborough.  There is a flight to Amsterdam Sunday evening if we can get back to Leeds in time, and one very early Monday morning if we can't.  The train might be the most economical option, but I don't know how close to on-schedule they are.  A rental car might alleviate that worry and would let LonelyDumptruck take a side trip or two while I am at lectures but will almost certainly cost more....heeelp?!?

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