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I blame pain killers

I am being more than a little irrational, I know, but the only thing I want to eat today is thai food.

And I don't want "grab-some-takeout-on-the-way-to-the-theatre" thai food.

I want "I-have-nowhere-to-be-for-hours-so-let's-order-more-food-than-we-can-possibly-eat-and-throw-in-a-good-video-and-eat-until-I'm-full-not-just-until-I'm-too-busy-or-the-container-is-empty-and-then-realize-we-still-have-time-to-kill-and-go-to-the-bedroom-and-eat-more-when-we're-done" thai food.

Otherwise known as I'm "I'm-sorry-hon-home-made-fish-pot-pies-are-not-going-to-cut-it" hungry
Tags: chronic pain

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