Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
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I had a great time in Homer. LonelyDumptruck's show went well, the director/writer got a card from someone who wants to talk to him about taking the show to Soldotna in the Fall. We had drinkiepoos with the cast and crew after and then took a walk on the beach.

My flight was way, way too early this morning, but I snuck in a nap before class. I think I'm moving too quick for the kids. I taught them Chain Murder Endowment, which is a bitch of a game anyway, and they kind of imploded. We'll try again next week. I didn't expect them to nail it, just to have fun.

Geolinguist and Dawn are coming over for girl's night in a few minutes. I'm feeling outish since it is a gorgeous day. I might suggest seeing if the patio at Roadhouse is open, even though I'm sure everyone else has the same idea.

Hope LiveJournal comes back soon!
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