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This morning I woke up at 4:45 completely freaked out that I forgot to share a travel detail with my cast. As I composed the email, I realized I still had a question about it, so I'm waiting to hear back from our host so I can let my actors know the full scoop all at once.

Then I became convinced I'd lost the plane tickets, which led to me digging around the bedroom using my cell phone as a flashlight.

When I finally got myself back to bed, I had the most delicious dream. I was walking through my parent's house and everyone involved with the show was kind of milling around. There were a lot of pets there too. One of the grand-daughters of a company member was showing off her hugely fat black bulldog to me and explaining how she liked to be rolled around on her back, honest. As I left that conversation, I began to notice people hiding roses. I began to spot a vase tucked onto the floor here and there, set just on an edge behind something else and I finally walked into the main room which was just an explosion of bouquets, they were even laid out on the floor to mark a little lane for me to walk in and they all had my name on them. I just looked at my mom kind of tearily and said "I think I got some flowers."
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