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Wow. This has been one hell of a week. The tour started last weekend and I've been so busy I never got to make a post about it. Now I am so far into the plans for this week I hardly know what I can still express before the moment will be done.

No matter what I say, it will be an understatement. Last weekend was one of the most amazing of my life.
We left Thursday in the midst of a hellacious snowstorm.

But I get ahead of myself.

Thursday we were supposed to meet at the warehouse at 4:00 pm to start the road trip. I was supposed to go to the PAC to help with ticket sales for "As You Like It", a job which should have ended at 10:15 (if not 10:10) leaving me hours to work on arrangements for the trip.

Except that the SM I hired for that morning had a conflict.

I didn't leave the PAC until after 1:30 pm. By that time I had calls from the mum's asking what the roads were like.

After much, much discussion, visits to webcams, calls to the weather bureau and still more discussion, we decided to brave the roads and begin the tour anyway. It turned out to be the perfect decision. The roads were pretty clear but visibility was shit.

We did tech all day Friday before the show. userinfoscooterpbakes

and I kept joking that it was a good thing we'd done 24 hour theatre before because it prepared us for pulling a show out of our ass. userinfoscooterpbakes
did amazing work putting together a fabulous design in such a teeny space of time.

The audience was divine. The show was divine. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard from the booth in my life. They had a hard time getting through Pyramus and Thisbe because the audience was laughing so hard.

And after the show - the best capper possible. A fat, bearded gentleman in a plaid shirt and rainbow overalls crooning "Que Sera".


Today I started a brief gig as an aide teaching teens with Downs Syndrome about theatre. We are going to teach them some basic skills and then have them pick a story to turn into a play that will be performed for their families etc. We brought in 3 books - a West African story my mom read me when I was a kid, a version of the Kokopelli myth and a Golden Book of Jungle Book. After warming up with them, doing a tour of the theatre and some improv, we did a brief synopsis of each story and then had the kids vote on which story they would like to do.

They were almost unanimously for Jungle Book, but that was hard to swallow (especially since the Kokopelli story had a sweet purple cover), so I read Jungle Book and the Kokopelli story to them.

I read the shit out of the Kokopelli story, if I do say so myself, but they would not be swayed away from the glory that is Disney.

Tonight userinfoscooterpbakes
, the hubby, userinfokahteeyah
and I went to see Alexander at the movie/pub.

It was quiet a shocker, considering that 3/4 of us went prepared to see Troy and with heckling guns in the full automatic and unlocked position. We held back rather admirably until the first epic battle (and the first of an interminable number of St. Crispin's Day knock-offs) when userinfokahteeyah
finally cut loose with "Next up for the Babylonians - Queer Greek for the Straight Sheik". After a long while of vague glaring, Mark finally countered with "See that leopard-skin riding blanket Alexander has? FAAAABULOOOUS!"

and userinfoscooterpbakes
got their $3 worth at about 9:30, but Mark and I lasted almost an hour longer. Clear until the film caught on fire just as Alexander's boytoy was gasping his last.

As we were leaving, one of the workers rushed to the edge of the balcony yelling "If you wait we'll have it fixed in a minute or two!" Mark just called back.. "It's not you, man, it's the movie."

, I ask because I am certain you will know; how did Alexander die? I was pretty sure it was from disease well behind his own lines, but I'll be damned if I was going to stay to be sure.
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