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I made it through my 3rd and final dental appointment. Let me tell you, getting there was some kind of excitement.

Most of you have already read (or heard first-hand) my "why I hate pre-medicating" whinges. Poor Mark heard it 3 or 4 times this week, I actually had to call him at work twice to have him remind me why I pre-med ("so you don't die horribly, dear.") because I actually needed to weigh the pros and cons.

See, I went to the store to pick it up and it hadn't been called in yet. Not driving, the store is a pretty snowy walk out of my way and I was pissed. I found out from the dentist that they have a policy of not calling in the pre-med until they confirm the appointment with you the day before. Thanks for letting me know that, fucktards.

So I went again last night to get the meds figuring I'd have them in advance, I could sleep until 9:00, take them, catch the 9;30 bus and be right on time for the appointment.

Anyone else hear cosmic laughter this morning? That was Fate having a nice belly laugh at my expense.

I got up at 9:00, looked at the bottle to remind myself how many to take (since the girl at the desk and I talked about getting 2 doses at once to save this jackassery in August)....1 by mouth for 14 days? I thought it was 4 by mouth 1 hr before....fuck. It's a prescription for my sis-in-law. The fucktards at the pharmacy gave me the wrong bottle and I now have less than an hour before the appointment.

So I call a cab, bomb down the the pharmacy, I'll be there in plenty of time. Can't take more than twenty minutes, right?

No, wait. Forgot to account for the time it takes to remember that I left sis' meds on the counter and have to go back for them.

Let's review the time line just for fun - pills supposed to be taken 1 hr prior to dental work. It's now 9;40 and I'm gulping them down with Diet Coke in the back of the cab. Meanwhile the poor cabbie keeps asking which route he should take and I finally just snap at him "I don't CARE! Just get me there before 10;00!!'

I did apologize and we had a good laugh about it. By the time I got to the dentist I was joking that maybe I didn't want to have my teeth done because so much had already gone wrong this morning. Unfortunately, they took me seriously there for a moment and actually brought the Doc in to talk me into at least getting the broken filling fixed as long as I was there and had some drugs in my system. I had to explain (repeatedly) that I'm just a smart ass with bad luck. True to form, something did go wrong. I got the one needle in a thousand that has no point. Luckily he caught it after one jab and didn't just figure it was just being sticky and try to power through.

But, a couple hours later, all my fillings are fixed and my front teeth are all the same color for the first time in my life. I've had big brown stains on my upper front teeth all my life from over-fluoridation when I was a kid and I've always been told there was nothing that can be done. This dentist was just itching to get in there and chisel them off in spite of the fact every other dentist I've seen insisted they can't do it without damaging the tooth.

He was so eager and insistent that there are no dangers now, plus telling me he'd stop before going too deep if it wasn't working, I decided to let him go for it.

My teeth look so different I can't believe it. I'm giggling like an Anime girl and trying to cover my mouth because it just doesn't feel like my smile.

Thank God I don't have to do this again until August.
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