Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Domesticity. Do-mes-ticity!!

I've been cooking!! A week ago or so I made my first from-scratch mac and cheese. It had cream cheese instead of a roux to thicken it and smoked Gouda. Tuesday I made a green curry with shrimp and asparagus. Last night it was fennel-crusted steak bites.

The are all 'quick and easy' recipes, which means they make a good starting place but improvements can be made. The curry was pretty mild, so we added more at the last minute, the mac and cheese would have been better with some mustard powder and all three dishes needed onions but....yay! Cooking!!

Now I am stumped for what to make tonight.

1. What should I make tonight?

2. Where do you get your recipes?

3. Have you eaten Spam?

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