Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Moose Adventures

So. We live on the second floor of our building. I opened the front door to start my day yesterday morning and I noticed the little tree near the base of the chairs was flapping around like it was caught in a high wind, but all the other trees were still. There was also a loud "crunching" sound. So I leave the door ajar and walk over to look down the stairs.

Guess who came to breakfast....

This is another plus-sized moose, like the one who wanted to make George his bitch a few months ago, and he is standing with his giant ass right across the path to the carport.

So I start by asking him to leave, especially since the tree he is so avidly munching is the memorial tree for Jay's dog Raven. He doesn't even look at me. I jingle my keys. That gets me a very baleful "I don't come to your dinner table and do that" look. So I take his picture and then call LonelyDumptruck, partly for advice and partly so I can talk loudly in hopes of disturbing the moose without actually talking to the moose. Appearances, you know.

When LonelyDumptruck found out it was Raven's tree being savaged, he recommended calling Jay (who lives downstairs). Luckily Jay was home so he came out and we yelled at the moose together for a moment, which actually made him pause mid-bite, and when Jay announced he knew just what to do the moose finally took the hint and wandered off....through the gate and into the alley behind George.

Keep in mind, I'm still planning on leaving the house. I start to leave the yard, walking towards the moose, and he turns around and gives me a look that says "Don't even try it, pixiestyx." so clearly that I back right back into the yard and stand there with my hand on the gate in case he tries something. After a few minutes I got up the courage to walk to George, with the moose scrutinizing my every move, and pull out. Of course, the moose is standing right behind where I usually drive, so I pull the other way and go around the block.

In front of the house there is a baby moose standing in Jay's driveway and looking in his living room window.
Tags: wildlife

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